Sleep better and deeper

37.5® Technology helps cool you down or warm you up by adjusting the humidity in your sleep space based on your needs.

Sleep without
37.5® Technology

Feeling too hot or too cold is the number one disruptor of sleep.

Sleep with
37.5® Technology

Sleep better and deeper with 37.5® Technology

37.5® Technology

Proven to help your body manage core temperature for more restful sleep

Removes sweat in the vapor stage before liquid sweat forms

Active particles are naturally derived

Traps odors and then releases them when washed and dried

Keeps you comfortable by maintaining an optimum relative humidity of 37.5% in your personal microclimate

How It Started

37.5 Technology was created by a photo-physical chemist and inventor. In 1992, while in Japan, he was taken to the volcanic sand baths on Mt. Aso. At first, he thought he would only be able to stand the heat for a few minutes, but once buried in the sand he found it to be so comfortable he stayed in the sand for an hour. What he realized is comfort comes from balance, a balance between heat gain and heat loss. The volcanic sand was removing the sweat vapor from his skin so fast that he was continually cooled by sweat evaporation.

This was the moment of clarity, when he understood that removing the sweat vapor before it turns to liquid sweat was key to comfort. While others were focused on wicking— spreading liquid sweat on fabric—he focused on reducing humidity next to skin to maximize evaporate cooling. And it turned out by enhancing comfort human performance was increased by reducing core temperature buildup. Now you too can experience the same phenomena volcanic sand bath experience when sleeping on a mattress or topper with 37.5 technology.

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