Front view of the Novaform Noir Luxury Uplifting Support Foam Mattress complete with green and white pillows Close up front view of the Noir Luxury Mattress with the Novaform logo knit onto the dark gray mattress cover side Woman's hand pressing down on the black and gray Noir Mattress cover to show its plush comfort Young woman in athleisure lying on her side on the support foam mattress with her spine perfectly aligned Angled front view of the 12 inch mattress with green and white pillows and a light green throw blanket and a sunrise seen out the window Young woman in pajamas asleep on her back with her head and neck propped up on white pillows with the comforter pulled up below her chest and the charcoal Noir Mattress cover revealed underneath Young woman wearing day clothes lying on her stomach on top of the Noir Mattress while reading a book and smiling Young woman wearing day clothes sitting upright on the luxury uplifting support foam mattress while reading a book and smiling Overhead view of a woman in pajamas lying asleep on her back in bed with a white comforter pulled up to her neck on the quilted fiberfill mattress cover Angled front view of the luxury mattress to show the wave patterned plush cover with cooling fibers

Noir 12-Inch Luxury Uplifting Support Foam Mattress

Medium Firm
$699.00 - $1,199.00
Online Only
Take deeper, more restorative sleep to the next level with targeted support and plush cool comfort. Zoned support foam is firmer under your core, while ultra-precise LiftBand™ Gel Technology specifically targets your back for optimal spinal alignment. On top, a cool plush cover instantly relaxes you, helping you fall asleep faster. Raise your sleep support and comfort with the most advanced foam mattress from Novaform.

Experience next level sleep with LiftBand™ Technology for targeted back support plus plush cooling comfort and enhanced airflow. This uplifting support prevents your body from sinking, so you stay aligned and deeply asleep. This helps to reduce tossing and turning, further encouraging deeper sleep at an ideally cool temperature. Premium base foam provides robust support to the comfort layers for long-lasting durability

  • Cover: Plush fiberfill quilted cover is cool-to-the-touch for instantly soothing comfort
  • Layer 1: 2.5-inch airflow foam supports with a resilient uplift and superior breathability
  • Layer 2: 1-inch lofted foam gently relieves pressure to reduce tossing and turning
  • Layer 3: LiftBand™ 1.5-inch targeted support under your core for total body alignment with zoned firmness
  • Layer 4: 7-inch sturdy base foam brings extra durability and structural stability
  • Ultra-precise back support with targeted LiftBand™ Gel Technology 
  • Total body uplift and alignment with premium support foam
  • Plush quilted fiberfill cover instantly cools and cradles
  • 4.5x more airflow than traditional memory foam for advanced cool comfort
  • Gently relieves pressure points to reduce tossing and turning
  • Vacuum-packed in a box for easy transport and delivery
  • Foam made in the USA and CertiPUR-US® certified
  • Packed for easy carry and set up – just unpack, unroll and unwind
  • Rest easy with a 20-year warranty

Sizes: Cal King, King, Queen, Full, Twin XL, Twin

Mattress Height: 12 inches

Firmness: Medium Firm

Mattress Composition:  Gel Memory Foam

Care and Cleaning:  Spot Clean foam

Certifications: CertiPUR-US® Certified Foam

Country: Foam made in USA


  • Cal King: 72” W x 84” L x 12” H | 99.8 lbs
  • King: 76” W x 80” L x 12” H | 100.4 lbs
  • Queen: 60" W x 80" L x 12" H | 79.3 lbs
  • Full: 54" W x 75" L x 12" H | 70.6 lbs
  • Twin XL: 38" W x 80" L x 12" H | 50 lbs
  • Twin: 38" W x 75" L x 12" H | 47.1 lbs

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