3" Seasonal Memory Foam

Sleep more comfortably in every season!

Seasonal Topper

As the seasons change so do your sleep needs according to the weather outside. The 3″ Seasonal Memory Foam Mattress Topper combines the comfort and support of memory foam with the right temperature for every season with two sides to sleep on. Choose between the cool side and the cozy side to ensure that you always maintain the perfect temperature for deep, restful, pain-free sleep year-round.

The cool side features cooling, gel-infused memory foam and a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric to provide perfectly cool comfort in the warmer months. Simply reverse the topper, and the warm side’s premium memory foam and cozy velour cover will keep you warmer in the colder months. And when the seasons change, the cover is color-coded, making it extra easy to identify each side.



  • Reversible two-layer construction – cooler on one side, warmer on the other
  • Gel-infused side stays cool and comfortable by drawing heat away from the body and maintaining air flow – for the warmer months
  • Memory foam on the other side matches the temperature in the  room – for the cooler months
  • Both sides provide cradling comfort and evenly distribute body weight to alleviate pressure points
  • Multi-purpose, machine-washable cover has moisture wicking fabric on one side for cool, breathable comfort, and velour on the other for cozy comfort
  • Color coded cording on the cover quickly identifies each side, making it easy to reverse the topper when the seasons change
  • Extends the life of any mattress
  • Limited, 10-year warranty